Mixed Color Herringbone Rope Bracelets 3820

herringbone weave rope bracelets affinity colors Developing a color group starts with the individual color selections that are matched to corresponding dyed cord samples. The grey and blue series is the affinity group that blends together. The lime and orange are the contrast group that sets off the affinity colors.

Individual single herringbone samples show the approximate color range for each dye batch applied to an ecru 3 mm cotton cord.

rope bracelet herringbone weave hand dyed cotton

The first mixed color sample in the affinity group is ecru, navy, royal, and teal. The ecru cord is used as a base cord to create the structure of the bracelet and the colors are interwoven. 3820

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herringbone weave rope bracelet blue ecru navy

The second mixed color sample in the affinity group is navy, grey, and teal. It comes off as less colorful because the grey and ecru colors are dominant. 3821
rope bracelet herringbone weave blue mixed color hand dyed cordThe third sample in the affinity group has no ecru cord just grey, navy, royal and teal. This has a more dense substantial character with the dominant blue colors. 3822

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