Making Small Segments Of Cordage On A Bench Top Rope Machine Part 2

 Part one shows the machine setup and cordage making. Go back to part one.

This is part 2 showing how the segments are finished off.

The wind is complete and the separator is disengaged from the twisted yarns. A few additional turns on the crank brings the wind to the critical end point.
 Here the separators is removed leaving the tensioned yarns in place. A tiny drop of white glue is introduced into the center of the cordage and a few more turns are taken. This holds the four strands together after the rope is removed from the machine.
 A piece of vinyl tape is applied to compress the yarns and prevent unravelling. This can be removed in a few minutes as soon as the glue takes hold.

The traveller (at the other end) is disengaged and the cord is allowed to relax into it's natural shape.
 Once the tension is removed the end loops can be disengaged from the hooks.
The finished cordage segment is relaxed. The twisted pairs are naturally held together by the reverse twist of the group of four.

Some excess wind has been released as the cordage is removed from the machine but the material is at equilibrium and ready to be used.

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design and photographs copyright 2016 George Hutchinson