Handmade Rope Necklace With Eye Splice And Button 3400

 Using a bench top rope machine with some cotton twine and a custom made three hole button this nautical rope necklace project shows off several techniques.

The rope is made from a single piece of #18 cotton twine looped through the button six times (three doubled strands) and wound on the machine.

The button is positioned at the standing end of the rope. The doubled loops hold it securely without extra knots.
 The button is polymer clay made in a countertop toaster oven with three oversize holes to accept the doubled strands of cord.

The eye-splice is a three part overlap  terminated with a coach whipping made from waxed thread.

Inside circumference is 26" fully extended or about 7 1/2" when wrapped three times.

Finished rope is a square section about 1/4"
Made on commission this piece is an example of the handmade rope accessories available through WhatKnotShop

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